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Supertel universal Pilot Remote Controls Supertel universal Pilot Remote Control is a quality European made product by Pilot with positive action, clearly labled plastic buttons replacing up to 5 remote controls. It has a full key layout with teletext and other rarer buttons. It comes pre-programmed with the majority of TV, VCR, DVD, DVR, PayTV, SatTV, etc. codes. Supertel Direct code entry procedure Step 1: Look up the code for your device using the search box above. Step 2: Press one of the device select buttons(old models) or by using the "DEVICE SELECT" button choose your device location to program your equipment (TV1, TV2, VCR, etc.). Step 3: Press the CODE button. Step 4: Enter the 3 digit code for your equipment using the number keys. If an acceptable code is entered, the indicator LED will flash rapidly 4 times. If the code is not acceptable, the LED will turn off immediately. In this case the LED will stay off until you press the CODE button again and enter a good code. If after activating steps 2 and 3, step 4 is not activated for 10 seconds, then the programming mode is deleted. To start programming, go back to step 2. If you can't find a working code four your device, try one of the Universal Autosearch methods described below: The Universal Autosearch method for Supertel universal remotes Autosearch (v.1) Step 1: Turn on your device. In case of a VCR or a HI-FI turn on the device, and insert a cassette or disc. Step 2: Press one of the five program device buttons (TV1, TV2, VCR, AUX or SAT) corresponding to your equipment or by using the "DEVICE SELECT" button choose your device location to program your equipment (TV1, TV2, VCR, etc.). Step 3: Press the CODE button. Step 4: Direct your SUPERTEL remote towards your device. Step 5: Press the OFF key, and keep it pressed until the device turns off, or in case of a VCR or HI-FI a change takes place. As soon as the OFF key is pressed, the remote starts covering the device range (TV, VCR, etc.) according to the device preprogrammed at that location. The LED will flash as different models are searched. Step 6: When the equipment under test (i.e. your TV) turns off - stop pressing the OFF button immediately. The model will be memorized and the indicator LED will flash 4 times. Autosearch (v.2) Step 1: Turn on the device (TV, VCR, SAT ...). In case of a VCR or a HI-FI turn on the device, and insert a cassette or disc. Step 2: Press the device select buttons (TV, VCR, SAT ...). Step 3: Press "CODE" and keep it pressed until the LED indicator flashes, then release. Step 4: Direct your remote towards your device. Press and release "CODE" key again to start the automatic scanning. Step 5: When the device to control switches to standby mode, immediately press any button. Turn on the device in question and make sure that all functions are working correctly. If it's not working correctly, press and release the "CODE" button again to continue with automatic search. Step 6: If you do not press any button for 10 seconds, the code is selected and memorized automatically. Code identification It is possible to identify the code number that has been programmed into one of the 5 device buttons following the steps below: Step 1: Press the device button with the unknown code. Step 2: Press the "?" button (CODE/? or SHIFT+CODE key on new models). Step 3: As soon as the "?" button is pressed the LED will start flashing. Count the number of flashes in each of the 3 digit code. The sum of short flashes will indicate the number in that digit. Zero is indicated by a long single flash. Between digits there will be a pause of 2 seconds. Ex: Code 102 1 short flash - pause- 1 long flash - pause - 2 short flashes. Note: Old Supertel remotes require 4 digit codes - use the Universal Autosearch method described above for these remotes if you can't find your user manual with the code lists.

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